You may never expect to get that fateful phone call when a friend needs your help to get out of jail, but it happens to people every day. It’s important to understand the bail bond process because if your “friend” ends up skipping town before their trial, you could stand to lose a substantial amount of money.

Bail refers to the amount of money required to secure the temporary release of a person from jail. The amount depends on the alleged crime. For less serious crimes, this number can be taken from a schedule. For more severe charges, a judge will set the bail amount at a hearing. The money is collected and held until the accused appears in court for their trial, after which it will be returned minus court fees.

In the case that a defendant cannot afford to pay their bail, they may employ the services of a bail bondsman, who posts bail on their behalf. In return the bail bond agent charges a percentage of the total bail and assumes responsibility for making sure the defendant appears at their court date. If you are enlisted to help bail somebody out of jail, you will also be responsible for making sure they make their trial.

If your “friend” skips trial, the money put forth by the bail bond agent will not be returned, and the agent will then attempt to collect from you. Obviously this is not a position you want to be in, and your choices are either to pay the money back or locate your friend. If this happens to you, contact Invesprotex right away! As Panama City Beach’s Top-Rated Local® private investigator, we can help you track down your bail skipper and bring them to trial.

We conduct our investigations discreetly and professionally to bring bail skippers to justice and free our clients of the circumstances they have been subjected to. We are a private detective agency, meaning you don’t have to deal with bureaucratic and inefficient law agencies to help you. We zero in on the target, which is to bring your “friend” to justice and free you of their financial liability. If somebody skipped town and left you holding the bag, it’s time to call Invesprotex today for a free consultation.