1. New Service Announcend

    Invesprotex Security Services Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services announces the launch of our Security Services, a new addition to our Company. We will be providing Armed/Unarmed Security Officer; we are providing community patrol as well. Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services Crime Prevention Officers are private state licensed Officers, authorized to provide arme…Read More

  2. Cleaning The Skeletons Out Of Your Closet

    Public figures are subject to a level of scrutiny that most ordinary citizens will never experience. Politicians, teachers, community leaders, actors, and musicians should be used to having more eyes on them, and must protect themselves against invasions of their privacy and attacks from rivals. A poorly-timed revelation about a person’s past can spell disaster for their career. This doesn’t n…Read More

  3. Bail With Caution

    You may never expect to get that fateful phone call when a friend needs your help to get out of jail, but it happens to people every day. It’s important to understand the bail bond process because if your “friend” ends up skipping town before their trial, you could stand to lose a substantial amount of money. Bail refers to the amount of money required to secure the temporary release of a pe…Read More

  4. Is Your Business Partner Legit?

    Going into business with someone you know can be full of uncertainty, and even more so if you do not know them personally. You will be trusting this person with upholding their end of a business than can affect you and your family's financial and personal well being. So before you sign paperwork with this person, it is important to ensure that they are who they say they are. To help you avoid any …Read More

  5. What To Do If Your Child Goes Missing

    The first 48 hours after a child goes missing are vital to a safe return home. Due to the importance of this time, it is also the most chaotic and worrisome of your child being missing. The important thing to remember with missing children is that staying level headed and following these steps will improve the odds of your child being found, panic is the enemy while speed and accuracy are your all…Read More

  6. Is Your Spouse Cheating?

    Marriage is supposed to be built on a foundation of trust, communication, and love. Unfortunately, many people find themselves straying away from their commitment, and landing in the arms of another person. While this is understandable, the pain comes when your spouse is not honest about their feelings and ends up going behind your back. If you notice any of the following signs of a cheating spous…Read More

  7. How to Report Phish and Email Scams

    If you encounter a suspicious email or website that claims it's from a Bank, do not respond to it or click any links What to do Never open attachments, click links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders. If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from a bank, forward the email to aforementioned bank fraud email which can be found on their website.  What is a phish? Phi…Read More

  8. FIFA Partner Ray Whelan “Flees Arrest” in Rio

    The head of Fifa partner Match Hospitality has fled to escape arrest in Rio over alleged illegal World Cup ticket sales, Brazilian police say. Police chief Fabio Barucke said Ray Whelan was officially considered a fugitive from justice. On Thursday, a judge accepted an indictment for Mr Whelan - who is British - and 11 others. Ben Brown reports from Rio de Janeiro.…Read More

  9. Is Your Teen at Risk from Substance Abuse? Take the Investigator`s Safe Path.

    Teenagers often experiment with drugs and alcohol of various kinds. Whilst the word ‘drugs’ can blind us to the dangers of widely available products such as cough & cold medicines. It is a sobering thought that virtually every substance abused by adults is also abused by adolescents. While your teen is living in the family home and you still have parental responsibility, there are both leg…Read More