New Service Announced


Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services announces the launch of our Security Services, a new addition to our Company. We will be providing Armed/Unarmed Security Officer; we are providing community patrol as well.

Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services Crime Prevention Officers are private state licensed Officers, authorized to provide armed and unarmed services anywhere within the state. Our Crime Prevention Officers use instinct, common sense, and action to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminals Opportunity.

Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services Community Patrol Service is a patrol shared between clients within closed proximity of each other. To ensure the client properties receive close attention and immediate response, Invesprotex Investigation & Protection Services strategically organizes each patrol zone according to each client property location. This program helps clients to defer their cost.

Our Chief of Security William Bishop has 18 years FDLE Law Enforcement and Corrections Security experience. High moral and ethical standards with advanced training in investigations, communication, crowd control, threat management and crisis intervention. FDLE instructor specializing in training of special tactical teams, Firearms and Defensive Tactics along with survival skills in deadly encounters. Team leader of specialized armed response teams resolving Riot-Disorder situations.

For further information about this new service, please contact us at our hotline – 866-448-0183


Alex Santos

Director of Operations

License numbers: FL A 1200271 and FL B 1500291