Insurance Fraud

Criminals will stage accidents quite frequently in an effort to not only defraud your insurance company, but to also take you to task in an attempt for even more money. If you have suspicions an accident you were involved in was possibly staged or set up, only a private investigative service will be able to uncover the truth for you. Contact Invesprotex for a private investigator in the Panama City Beach, Florida or Rio De Janiero, Brazil areas.

Mortgage Fraud

Hurting homeowners, businesses, and the overall economy, foreclosure fraud, occupancy fraud, and sub-prime fraud has increased since the housing crisis began in 2008. Don’t become a statistic, find out the truth about the people you are working with by hiring a trusted private detective company. Invesprotex has the experience to do the job right.

Fraudulent Conveyances

Transfers of non-exempt assets to another person or entity in order to protect themselves from creditors or to impede creditors’ execution on the asset. A fraudulent conversion is the use of non-exempt asset to purchase or obtain an exempt asset.

Identity Theft

The highest growing crime in the United States is Identity Theft. If you’ve had your identity stolen a private investigative service can help get your life back. Identity Theft isn’t limited to credit cards and can damage almost every aspect of your life. Find the culprit and get your life back with Invesprotex fraud investigation services.