Employees sometimes get hurt on the job, no matter the precautions and steps taken to ensure accidents are prevented.  Unfortunately, things do happen and, sometimes, claims are filed.

Most of the time insurance claims are legitimate.  There are, however, individuals who would make false claims in order to take advantage of and defraud a company and/ortheir insurance company.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimate $80 billion gets paid out every year in fraudulent insurance claims.  Insurance Fraud comes in many different forms:

•Health Insurance Fraud

•Car Insurance Fraud

•Home Insurance Fraud

•Life Insurance Fraud

•Workers Compensation Fraud

•Even Insurance Companies themselves have been found liable for fraud.

A Private Investigation Service, such as ours, has the knowledge and resources to investigate any possible illegal misrepresentation of a claim or injury.  Using only experienced fraud investigators we conduct a proper, thorough, and complete investigation to determine if fraud has been committed.

It is a common misconception a claims adjustor or an insurance agent will be able to easily spot different kinds of fraud.  Criminals will stage accidents quite frequently in an effort to not only defraud your insurance company, but to also take you to task in an attempt for even more money.  Most insurance companies operate under such tight time constraints they simply don’t have the resources to properly investigate every claim.  If you have doubts about whether or not an accident you were involved in was possibly staged or set up, only a private investigative service will be able to uncover the truth for you.  Even if a real accident occurs, exaggerated claims of personal injury can also add up to lawsuits and other legal troubles.

If you are a company, there is no limit to the cost of fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.  It is unfortunate, and despite every effort to maintain a safe and hazard-free working environment, accidents are inevitable.  What doesn’t have to be inevitable, however, is falling victim to false claims of injury and over-amplified claims of personal injury.

Our team of investigators can determine, through surveillance and other methods, whether injuries and other worker’s compensation claims are legitimate, or if your company may be paying out money they shouldn’t be.

We aim to protect individuals from criminals looking to take advantage of a well-executed scheme, as well ascompanies from those who would make false claims for personal gain.  We also help insurance companies discover fraudulent claims, and we work closely, confidentially, and professionally with all of our clients.