Going into business with someone you know can be full of uncertainty, and even more so if you do not know them personally. You will be trusting this person with upholding their end of a business than can affect you and your family’s financial and personal well being. So before you sign paperwork with this person, it is important to ensure that they are who they say they are. To help you avoid any surprises down the road, follow these steps for checking on your new business partner, or simply hire Panama City Beach’s Top-Rated Local® private investigator.

Before you even consider taking on a business partner, be sure to request personal and professional references. While calling and discussing your new partner with the given references is vital, there are specific questions that should be asked to detect any red flags. Ensuring that those references are legitimate is ideal. Invesprotex can perform these reference checks as well as an investigation to verify reference legitimacy.

Spending time with your potential business partner can give you a good idea of the type of person they really are. Are their business goals and past experiences realistic, or do they sound a bit fishy? Check out their online profiles to get an idea of their presence and legitimacy. Our investigator can inspect their activities for you to determine if this person is who they appear to be.

Background Check
Our private investigators are experienced in performing thorough background checks to aid in business partner verification. Our private investigations can uncover legal issues, failed businesses, and other past issues that may influence your decision to take them on as a partner.

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