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Missing Children Criminal Investigator

Average 2 children being reported missing every minute.

The first 3 hours are the most critical when trying to locate a missing child

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If your child has gone missing in the Panama City Beach area, do not hesitate! Call Invesprotex now. The first 3 hours are the most critical in locating a missing child. A missing child is the most terrifying experience you can face as a parent. The fact that you are uncertain to the location of your child creates a feeling of helplessness that can only be remedied by locating your loved one. With a variety of motives on either the part of a runaway child or a child abductor, getting the facts is imperative to recovery.

When a child goes missing, we work tirelessly to provide diligent investigative services, to provide evidence that will point us in the right direction. While each missing children’s case brings its own set of unique challenges, Invesprotex has the experience necessary to deal with these challenges as they arise.

To help locate your child as quickly as possible, it is important to keep a Child ID Kit on hand with updated information; we offer a Child ID Kit here on our website. By using a Child ID Kit, all of the important information about your child is kept in one location, and is easily transferred to everyone involved in locating your child.

With extensive experience with high profile cases, law enforcement and government agencies, security, and investigations we have the background required in finding the information you need. Contact Invesprotex today for multilingual board accredited investigators in the Panama City Beach Area.


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