No More is a non-profit organization focused on raising public awareness of the issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault. The goal is to engage bystanders to stand up for what they know is right and say NO MORE! They know that the only way to fight domestic violence is by having a symbol, that people can gather around to help put an end to domestic violence and sexual assault.

No More is is a symbol for the community, and therefore, the No More symbol is open to use by all organizations and individuals that are devoted to fighting domestic violence and sexual assault. If you are looking to raise awareness of and fight against domestic violence as well as sexual assault, visit

If you observe signs of domestic violence or sexual assault it is important to intervene, without putting yourself or others in danger. To properly intervene follow the below steps:

• Learn the warning signs and red flags of abusive relationships.

• Talk privately with the victim, ask them if they would like help. Listen and do not judge.

• Offer to help them look for local resources, such as InvesProtex, to keep them (and any children that may be present in the home) safe.

• Try not to outwardly judge or confront the abuser as it may make the situation worse and put you in danger too.

• Offer to let them use your phone or computer to look up local resources or contact someone that can help them and any children involved.

• Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 to talk to a counselor about how you can help without putting you or the victim at greater risk.

We at InvesProtex are devoted to raising awareness of and putting an end to domestic violence here in Panama City Beach, Florida and abroad. Our private detectives are experienced in handling sensitive situations, contact us today if you are experiencing or know of someone facing domestic violence or sexual assault.


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