Other Private Investigator Services

Public Record Checks

Information as a matter of public record can be extremely difficult to find. Our private investigators use their specialized resources and experts to locate the information you need in considerably less time.

Tenant Screening

Whether you’re a homeowner who has decided to rent out a property or a well-established property management company, it is crucial that potential tenants are thoroughly screened before they’re allowed to move in. We are able to conduct background checks and a fraud investigation to prevent troublesome tenants.

Pre-employment Screening

Sensitive information and the safety of a company’s staff is paramount. When hiring new associates a pre-employment screening of all candidates can make sure they are safe, reputable and did not withhold anything during the application and interview process. Our private detectives have the skills to find the information you need before hiring a new employee.

Process Serving

Professional process servers for lawyers, paralegals, corporate legal departments, and private individuals.

If you have any questions about process service or other services we provide, please give us a call!

We provides process service and other legal assistance services in First Judicial Circuit of Florida. We believe in quality, efficient, and legal service of process. Whether you collaborate with us on one assignment or you have thousands of documents for us to serve, you’ll find that we complete the job diligently and quickly.

We value client communication. We keep our clients up-to-date on the status of their documents. We are highly experienced and operate under the highest of professional and ethical standards. We handle each unique case with success in mind because getting the job done correctly the first time is better for you and better for the person receiving the documents.


Invesprotex is a private investigative firm dedicated to providing security and peace of mind to our clients seeking protection.


We take great satisfaction from knowing we're approachable by normal everyday citizens with normal everyday problems. We take on all cases, no matter how big or small they might seem to our clients.


Invesprotex is committed to providing you with the best resolution to your assignment needs. We approach every case with a focus on evidence, investigative strategy, resources, cost, and resolution.

Invesprotex Investigations Special Unit is designed to detect, deter and defeat insurance fraud. Designed to meet your company’s needs. We have the experience necessary to maximize your return of investment.

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