Personal Injury

Personal Injury Private Investigator

Medical Treatment Confirmation

Elaborate scams – involving everyone from the person making the claim to the doctor prescribing the treatment – cost insurance companies, corporations, and private citizens millions. Our private investigators can confirm if prescribed medical treatments were needed, met, and carried out.


The most convincing evidence in a Personal Injury claim is documented surveillance – by a professional third party – showing a false or exaggerated injury. Our criminal investigator can provide that surveillance, and uncover the truth.

Background Check to Identity Prior to Lawsuits

Being on the accused end of a lawsuit is a difficult experience. Scam artists and criminals can assume various identities to file lawsuits all over the country. Our private detective can conduct a background check to ensure the individual(s) filing the lawsuits are legitimate.

Invesprotex is a private investigative firm dedicated to providing security and peace of mind to our clients seeking protection.

We take great satisfaction from knowing we're approachable by normal everyday citizens with normal everyday problems. We take on all cases, no matter how big or small they might seem to our clients.

Invesprotex is committed to providing you with the best resolution to your assignment needs. We approach every case with a focus on evidence, investigative strategy, resources, cost, and resolution.

Invesprotex Investigations Special Unit is designed to detect, deter and defeat insurance fraud. Designed to meet your company’s needs. We have the experience necessary to maximize your return of investment.

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