Invesprotex security and risk analysis focus on strategies to protect people, information, and other assets. We will introduce you with tools and skills needed to protect you, your personnel and facility. We will evaluate your current equipment and protocols to determine effectiveness and make any necessary recommendation.

In today`s society it is critical to understand and identify possible threats. We will prepare a plan for you and your personnel to quickly and effectively reduce your mitigate the risk. We will assist you establish and maintain a safe workplace and secure personal environment. Our practical and written plan will assist your personnel with a quick response. The safety of you, your staff and clients are our main priority. Our Security & Risk Assessments will design a written plan for your business, including evacuation plan and active shooter plan.


Our service includes:

  • Security & risk assessments training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment revision and recommendations
  • Covert Surveillance Operation
  • High risk employment termination services
  • Executive Protection
  • International Executive Protection & Overseas Security Risk Assessment