9092424_origEvery holiday is a special day, however no other holiday presents such a predicament for cheating spouses as Valentine’s Day. For the faithful, it’s a day of affection, gifts, thoughts and endless romance. It’s a special day for married couples and significant others. But entangles the cheater.

As private investigator, I can assure you that Valentine’s Day it is an informative day. Is the day that the cheating spouse walks in a thin line and juggles from on side to the other, trying not to raise any suspicious.

Unlike any other holiday, during Valentine’s Day any mistake can be costly. Look for some vital signs of a cheating spouse. Secret communications, such as: text messages, emails, calls from closed doors, outside and suddenly hang-ups. Spouse doesn’t leave his/her phone unattended, a change on appearance, being distant, anxious. ATM cash or expenditure out of the ordinary, unusual meetings, excuses for being late, especially around Valentine`s Day. Remember cheating spouses tend to assume they can fool their partners and doesn’t realize how obvious they have been. You just have to pay close attention to their behavior.

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