The first 48 hours after a child goes missing are vital to a safe return home. Due to the importance of this time, it is also the most chaotic and worrisome of your child being missing. The important thing to remember with missing children is that staying level headed and following these steps will improve the odds of your child being found, panic is the enemy while speed and accuracy are your allies.

Contact Local Law Enforcement
As soon as you realize your child is missing, it is important to call 911 with your child’s name, age, height, weight, and any and all information that may help in the investigation, including recent photos. Request that your child is entered into the National Crime Information Center Missing Persons File, there is no wait time for kids under 18.

Contact Invesprotex
Contact your local private investigator, to conduct their own investigation as soon as possible. By having local investigators on the case, you greaten the odds of your child being found as soon as possible. Invesprotex has years of experience locating people of all ages.

Conduct Your Own Search
Search the house, call friends and family, and put together of potential places your child may be. All of this will help both local law enforcement and investigators locate your child.

Once again, stay as calm as possible, now is not the time to lose your head as it will only hinder the retrieval of your child. Contact Invesprotex for all of the information you need regarding your missing child. We are Panama City Beach’s Top-Rated Local private investigator.